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Newborn Pre-Session Guide

                 Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of the newest member of your family!

 Newborn Photography is an incredibly challenging job that takes passion, patience,

& specific training in Newborn Photography & I am grateful that you have trusted me with your new little one's most precious moments!

In order to get the most out of your newborn session, please use this guide to prepare accordingly & please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or special requests.


                                 My Studio                                 


My studio must remain a safe & clean place for parents to bring their newborns at all times.

Clients are not permitted in studio when ill or after smoking or vaping.
Only those participating in the session are permitted in the studio.

When & Where

Your Newborn Session should take place before your little one is two weeks old in order to get them into those super sweet newborn poses safely before they learn how to stretch out & become more alert. Please put me on your “Baby is Here” announcement list so that I can celebrate your little one’s arrival & schedule your session. Your session will be scheduled as soon as you notify me that your little one is born & will take place on a following Tuesday or Thursday morning.


Newborn sessions take place in my home studio located in Bluffton, South Carolina. If you would like, (& the weather permits) we can take baby outside for a few shots. Other than the doctor's office, my studio is often the first place new parents bring their newborns. For this reason I keep my studio a safe & clean place for my newborn clients.

 What to Expect  

During your session, you will get to sit and relax while I work my magic with your little one & you will get to see why my clients call me the baby whisperer. Newborn Photography requires special props, equipment, training & lots of patience. Everything you need during your session will be provided for you.


I will let you know if I need your assistance with a special pose or when baby needs a snack or diaper change. Your baby's diaper will stay on for most of your session but please don’t feel embarrassed if your little one “makes a mess” when his or her diaper is off. It’s just a part of newborn photography. It's a good idea to have wipes & extra diapers ready. For this purpose, I will have absorbent pads underneath my blankets & I wash all props & blankets in scent-free detergent between each session. I may send mommy to another room to rest as your baby may want to eat instead of sleep when they know mommy is nearby.

I will do my best to get as many shots, poses & props as possible but please keep in mind that the number & quality of your photos will ultimately depend on the temperament of your little one. Please try to bring your little one SLEEPY & FULL. It will be my job to listen to your baby's ques on what poses they will or will not do comfortably. As much as your baby needs my patience, I will also need yours. Your session may take a few hours & your patience & trust is needed to get the best photos possible. (Please make sure your husband is aware of this).

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